There are seven major districts in The City of Glass

Gate Way

This is the main entrance to the City and contains many of the cities most prominent features. Massive fountains and beautiful statues frame gardens, shops and restaurants. Gate Street is where one can find most of the more mercantile areas of the city and is the most frequented by tourists. There are a few guilds that operate out of here as well. Gate Street is also home to Spice Alley, where all of the best restaurants lie.

The Skywerks

Situated high above the main city is The Skywerks. A port and harbor for airships and floating islands, it is another large trading hub for the city. Airships and merchant vessels frequent this area and the guilds are particularly powerful here. All of the Cloud Kingdom embassies are here as well as several inns and restaurants. The Skywerks also contains one of the primary Tahlguard headquarters.

The Low-Road

Formerly the Slums. The Low Road now represents progress that the city has taken with the poor. The Low-Road is a massive clockwork wonder, designed to recycle waste and trash into usable materials. There is only one guild in power here, the Gleaner’s Guild. There are large areas of public housing as well as numerous small churches to obscure deities. There still remain a few patches of slum, lost in the massive churning gears and endless clockwork that exist down here.

The Lamp-light District

The Night Market area. A scattered collection of homes that belong to craftsmen and performers. The Lamp-Light District is quiet and almost eerie during the day, but at night it comes alive with performers, peddlers and all manner of food and magic on display. The congregation is always held in the center square of the district, a massive wide-open courtyard that becomes a veritable carnival of trade and entertainment. From magic-goods to “magic-goods”, you can find damn near anything here.

The Embassy Door

A massive structure that surrounds the main set of portals maintained by the city. These portals can be used to travel to and from anywhere in the planes.

Chapel Street

This very small district houses the numerous churches. While the buildings appear incredibly modest, and even tiny by the cities’ standards, zoning regulations prohibit any significant building to be funded or representative of any celestial or infernal power. Therefore these chapels are usually fairly small communal locations with complementary portals to their more grand establishments elsewhere. Also, because of it’s relative quiet, the Guild schools are located here as well.


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