“Who owns the city? The sun or the moon? That depends on when you ask.” ~Dax Lamont

The City of Glass has a unique political structure. Due to an ancient accord set by the ancient Elemental Lords the City has two completely distinct governments.

During the Day the City is ruled by the Solar Queen, Her Majesty Sinrova of Winter and her Tahlguard, an order of mercenary angels bound into her service.

Day Law

The City of Glass is very peaceful during the day-time. A bustling metropolis. The merchant districts are full of life and there’s constantly performers and dancers. Vendors run the streets and there is little fear of crime with the Tahlguard circling overhead.

Crime is a dangerous game in the city as the Tahlguard have the right to detain and execute any dangerous criminal they find. This right is rarely used.

During the Night the City is ruled by the Lunar King, Lord Denarius and his Secret Police

Night Law

The City of Glass is a very different city at night. At large the city is quiet and waiting for the next day, but if you go to the right place, such as the Lamp-Light District or perhaps the Low-Road, the city comes alive in a very different way than it is during the day.

However, despite the numerous dark alleyways and shadowy markets throughout the city:

There is no street-crime during Night Law.

The Nighthood Agency sees to that.


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