“Damn [insert racial epithet here] coming into the city and stealing our jobs.” ~Generic city-complaint.

Genasi, Wilden and Shardminds are some of the most common and respected races in the City of Glass. They comprise a large section of the population and hold a great deal of social power. Genasi are descended from the original founders of the city and tend to have a great deal of patriotism stored up for the city.

Angels and Devas Tend to the Tahlguard and can be occasionally seen among the citizenry. Many of them were left godless after the Reckoning and became their own private citizens, leading humble lives working towards the greater good in the material plane.

Demons and Tieflings Are quite common and, defying stereotypes are almost always model citizens. They respect the city as a place of genuine progress for the world and seek to help the city in any way they can. They are usually found as bureaucrats or government officials and seek to espouse capitalistic trends in the city.

Humans Are a fairly common sight in the city and there is very little one can derive about them. They might be from the Cloud Kingdoms or the Archeologist Guild or even be descendants from Reckoning refugees. They are a common sight but they are only rarely given ranks in the higher tiers of power.

Halflings, Gnomes and Goblinoids are very rare in the city. Most people finding them to be fascinatingly unusual. The occasional smallfolk who comes to the city will almost always find himself the subject of numerous furtive glances and he will never want for conversation.

Dwarves Are fairly common in the city as well, serving as merchants architects and engineers. most of the old stereotypes still haunt them to this day, even though many of them have moved beyond their old warrior culture and have become very successful businessmen and aristocrats.

Hobgoblins Occasionally one will find a Whiteburn Hobgoblin mendicant among the city populace but they are very rare. Immediately identifiable by their white robes.

The Silver Elves, Also known as Eladrin or El’shraga, they are very common among the Day-courts and tend to spend their days doing business and their nights carousing.

The Iron Elves, Also known as High Elves or El’Devlyn, are the primary arm of the Nighthood agency. Their militaristic tendencies suiting Night Law quite well. They are otherwise not a very commonly seen citizen

Stone Elves Also known as Drow or El’Muut. These elves are only rarely seen but are most commonly seen in the city as merchants or mercenaries. There are a few Stone Elves living in the Low-Road, but mostly they aren’t seen.

Dragonborn are fairly common among the major guilds and they are usually quite respected as Historians. Most Dragonborn commit a pilgrimage here at least once a year in order to pay tribute to some ancient artifacts from the Dragon Games that are held here.

Lizardfolk, Kobolds, and Bullywugs are fairly rare unless they are part of a trading caravan from the south. And even then they only come around about once a year for the Festival of the White Phoenix.

Ogres, Cyclops, Trolls, Goliaths and Oni Are only occasionally seen in the city. Oni have recently become more common among the merchants and traders as the Giants seek to reclaim their home of Titangrad.

Machine Men or Warforged, are quite common in the city. They serve just as many functions as humans, most of them are refugees from the Maquin from the recent war, but now have found new homes in the Low-Road tending the Gleaner’s Guild. Warforged sailors and workers are also quite common in the Skywerks.

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